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Apple Airpod 2nd Generation Wireless airpods Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones with touch sensors

Apple Airpod 2nd Generation Wireless airpods Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

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2nd Generation Wireless Airpods

EarPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple. ... In addition to playing audio, EarPods feature a built-in microphone that filters out background noise, which allows taking phone calls and talking to digital assistant


The new 2nd Generation EarPods — complete with Wireless Charging Case — deliver the wireless headphone experience, reimagined. Just pull them out of the case and they’re ready to use with your iPhone,  iPad, or Android.

Product Specifications:

  • WIRELESS CHARGING: The new 2nd generation Earpods complete with Wireless Charging Case delivers the wireless headphone experience, reimagined. Just pull them out of the case and they're ready to use with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • TOUCH SENSOR: Auto-Pairing | multi-functional touch sensor earbud design
  • LIGHTNING CABLE SUPPORTED: Lightning cable SUPPORTED | Qi wireless charging compatibility
  • HIGHEST CONNECTION RANGE:33 Ft connection range | noise cancellation technology
  • FASTEST CHARGING: Charges quickly in the case
  • ADVANCE SETUP: Double-tap to play or skip forward

  • UPGRADED HIGH FIDELITY MUSIC QUALITY: Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 and HD rendering technology that produces incredible sound quality and authentic sound performance no matter in calls or listening to music. It provides faster pairing, stable connection, and signal transmission
  • LATEST ONE-STEP PAIRING TECHNOLOGY: No need to press any button to activate the wireless headphones. This Bluetooth earbuds can be automatically powered on and paired after taking them from the charging case. Meanwhile, they can also be automatically powered off and charged after putting back into the charging case.
  • BUILT-IN DUAL MICROPHONES: With a built-in microphone on both sides earbuds, allows you to make hands-free calls from either one. Provide a clear and sound quality phone call. It means you can use separately or share the same music/movies with friends and enjoy the clear stereo sound by using both headsets as you wish.
  • IPX7 WATER-RESISTANT & WARRANTY: IPX7 water-resistance protects the earbuds against rain and sweat. Feel free to enjoy any sports such as running, biking, training, jogging, hiking, exercising with them in your ears. Note: We provide 30 DAYS HASSLE-FREE RETURN POLICY and ONE YEAR WARRANTY, your purchase is totally RISK-FREE.
  • AUTOMATIC SYSTEM: Automatically on, automatically connected
  • SUPPORTED DEVICE: Easy setup for all your devices
  • Quick access: Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”

Product Description:

  1. Second-generation EarPods are a real treat. They're faster, more convenient to charge, make you sound better.
  2.  EarPods are well-built, comfortable earbuds that have a pleasing lightweight build and premium feel.
  3. Can easily recharge battery case with a wireless pad
  4. After a simple one-tap setup, EarPods work like magic. They re automatically on and always connected. EarPods can even sense when they re in your ears and pause when you take them out.
  5. Unique and Distinguishable Design.

How to Work:

After a simple one-tap setup, EarPods work like magic. They’re automatically on and always connected. EarPods can even sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out.

To adjust the volume, change the song, make a call, or even get directions, simply say "Hye Siri" and make your requests.

What’s in the Box:

  • Airpods
  • Manual
  • Lightning to USB Cable


  • EarPods: Bluetooth
  • Wireless Charging Case: Charges via wireless (Qi-compatible) charging mat or Lightning connector

Earpods Invention:

The original Earpods launch in December 2016 but supply had remained strained pretty much throughout 2017 as the wireless earbuds against all odds proved sleeper hit and the company’s most popular adornment ever.

Early adapter who were lucky to purchase their EarPods shortly after they became available are now starting to see depreciate battery life as the tiny batteries in each earbud can no longer hold 100% charge. This has happened to me lately so now I get about 45 minutes of talk time, as combating to about 2 hours of talk time with a pair of brand-new EarPods.

EarPods (2nd Generation) Vs. (1st Generation): 

Improved Battery Life

This is one of the biggest changes in new EarPods (2nd generation). Thanks to the new H1 wireless chip, the new EarPods offer up to 8 hours of talk time. Plus, they offer more than 24 hours of listening time with the charging case. That’s a 50 percent improvement over the original EarPods which offer 4 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Always-on ”Hey Siri”

The new H1 headphone chip also brings always-on “Hey Siri” detection to the new EarPods (2nd generation). This means that unlike the original EarPods, one no longer needs to tap the EarPods to trigger ”Hey Siri.” Instead, simply saying “Hey Siri” is going to be good enough to trigger the virtual assistant.

Alongside the 2nd generation EarPods, also unveiled the Wireless Charging case. However, instead of bundling it with the EarPods 2, company is selling it as an optional accessory. Customers looking to buy the EarPods (2nd generation) can buy a bundle with the wireless charging case for $199 instead of buying the EarPods and the charging case separately for $159 and $79.

The good news is that the wireless charging case is also compatible with the original EarPods. While wireless charging performance might not be a big deal for many, it is definitely a easy feature to have. If you own an iPhone with wireless charging, you can simply use that same charger to top off your EarPods and its carrying case. Or you can buy a wireless charger that is able of charging two devices at once and then charge your iPhone and EarPods at the same time.

Reviews of EarPods:

If the original EarPods fit your ears well, and you were happy with the feeling of them in your ears, then you’ll be happy with the EarPods 2. If the original version didn’t fit your ears well, then neither will the new version.

It’s unfavourable, but there will remain a sizable probable of users that still won’t be able to use the EarPods due to lack of fit. If you have lingering problems with fit, you may want to try a set of ear hook attachments. It’s not the most ideal solution from a looks perspective, but they can be a big help.

There were comment that Apple was exploring the possibility of applying a specialized grip coating to buds to provide more grating in the ear canal, helping them stay in the ear. Perhaps that’s a feature that company saving for earpods 3.


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